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The CosmoServe Associates consist of Intermediaries and Specialists.

An Intermediary of CosmoServe is an Associate who promotes the services of CosmoServe.

If you are a Business Consultant, an Accountant, a Lawyer, a Tax Consultant, a Bank or a Financial Institution, or simply a newly established professional wanting to explore new business opportunities and would like to be our Intermediary, please click here to view the Intermediary article so as to find out more about the incentives available.

A Specialist Associate of CosmoServe may be a firm or an individual with a special expertise, either in a field of CosmoServe Services, or in a Jurisdiction.

If you are a specialist in any field covered by CosmoServe Services or an experienced and established corporate service provider from anywhere in the world and can provide us with your services in various jurisdictions, please click here to view the Specialist article.


CosmoServe Associates

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