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Chairman’s Welcome

CosmoServe, Antonis KassapisWelcome to  

In the world of international business and wealth management, careful analysis and implementation of correct organisational structures and well designed tax planning schemes will lead to beneficial results. These could be manifested in many forms, including improved performance and profitability, reduced taxation, increased security, improved control, increased creditworthiness, enhancement of image and prestige, and many others.

At CosmoServe, we assist our clients in taking advantage of these benefits. We take pride in being an experienced, qualified and multidisciplinary group of professionals with expertise enabling us to provide a high quality service to our clients which range from private individuals to large multinational companies.

Taking into consideration their targets and priorities, we assist in designing the optimum corporate structure specific to their circumstances and we supply the necessary tools, such as forming companies in international attractive business jurisdictions, branches, international trusts, accounting and control systems etc. which are required for the implementation of the planned structure.

Over the years we have watched many of our clients grow successfully and we take great satisfaction in the knowledge that our assistance contributed to their success.

It will be a pleasure to provide you with more information about any of our services which may be of interest to you.

Before ending, I would like to remind you of a new message that would like to send to everybody: In our more than two decades of existence, there have been many developments in our business environment.  Unfortunately, our living environment has also developed for the worse.  The evidence around us is now abundantly clear.  We must all take action to protect our environment, without delay!  Please consider this as one of your priorities and pass the message to others too, before it's to late.  Please review our Protect the Environment article.

Antonis Kassapis, B.Sc. FCA
A.K. CosmoServe Ltd