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Offshore International Business Company Jurisdictions

International Business Company Jurisdictions

CosmoServe may assist in the setting up of companies and other entities in many different locations worldwide, including all the jurisdictions which are more frequently selected by international businesses.

Deciding on the location where to form a company, or any other form of business entity, is an important factor in international business.  The answer will depend on the particular priorities for the specific business and on the various factors which the owners of the business consider of primary importance for their own business.


International Business Company Jurisdictions

At CosmoServe, we recognise our clients requirements and priorities and we have created a network to enable us to provide to our clients the international business structure which satisfies their own priorities.  Furthermore, what is of fundamental importance is that we may continue to provide to our clients and to their companies all those support services which are necessary in order for their companies to fully comply with all their statutory obligations and to carry on their activities efficiently.  Wherever the client may be based and wherever his companies may be incorporated we aim to provide the one-stop complete solution to our client.

Each client (whether it is a business or an individual) will have its own circumstances, requirements, targets and priorities. Some of the usual factors which may need to be considered when advising a client are:

  • Geographical location of the object of the business
  • Prestigious business profile and image
  • Taxation
  • Legal procedures and time required for formation
  • Existence of a friendly business environment
  • Cost of formation of the company and cost of annual maintenance
  • Availability of quality professional services
  • Possible requirement to set up a fully fledged office (instead of only a brass plate company)
  • Availability of office facilities and personnel
  • Confidentiality requirements
  • Accounting, auditing and reporting requirements
  • Acceptability of the location and avoiding “black lists”
  • Financing requirements
  • Possible intention to float the company’s shares on a stock exchange

Some of the factors listed above may be more relevant and important to a particular business than they are to others.   Furthermore, two or more factors which are considered as very relevant and important to a particular business may be in conflict with each other.  For example, the aim to have zero or low taxation is often conflicting with the aim of selecting a location which is acceptable and prestigious and avoiding “black lists”.

Also, the aim of not having to prepare annual audited financial statements is almost always strongly in conflict with the aim of  being able to raise finance in the form of credit facilities from banks and with the aim of having a prestigious business profile and image.

After discussing, analysing and understanding the circumstances specific to your business, and your targets and priorities, we will be pleased to advise you on a business plan which we believe will assist you in achieving your objectives.

If you are interested in obtaining further information on the above or other jurisdictions, please fill in the Enquiry Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.