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Our Clients: International

CosmoServe Clients

Our clients originate from all corners of the world.  We aim to meet all our clients during face to face meetings in person. But where this is not practically possible, we are able to arrange meetings through our network of associates or by using video conferencing facilities.  Some of our clients like to meet us regularly and work closely with us either at our offices or at theirs.  Others meet us only occasionally  and yet are co-operating with us very successfully. Whichever way they prefer, we are happy to follow, specially tailoring our services to suit their requirements.

CosmoServe's clients are mainly internationally oriented companies originating from all over the world and ranging from private individuals and small private or family business to large multinationals, covering a broad range of sectors.

The positive response we have received from our clients, over the last twentyfive years, has been enthusiastic, especially as we have evolved in catering for and providing tailor-made solutions that have enhanced our clients wealth.

No matter what they do, our clients all share one thing: a vision to create a business presence that fits their requirements and brand. CosmoServe specialises in a wide range of technologies and skills, but most importantly we specialise in helping you meet your needs.

We understand that each and every client is different.  Whether you simply need us to form a company, or arrange a complete business package of services including bookkeeping, VAT and tax planning ,  provision of office facilities, company secretarial, statutory compliance, and  other consultancy services,  you will be able to communicate with us in the confidence that your requirements will be met with the greatest effort and efficiency.

Our services are designed to help our clients, not just survive the inevitable ups and downs of business life, but to emerge prosperous and resilient.  Nothing gives us greater job satisfaction than the feeling that we have contributed to our clients' growing prosperity and success.